Foal Transportation

Horses in Motion specialise in the transportation of foals all around the UK. I say specialised for all my clients have received the new babes like they have never travelled before (looking like new) some have been on board a long time. But they arrive like they have just walked out the field.


It is nice for me to meet the new owners at the other end and hear their approving comments. Thank you. I can then see they are happy, as is the new foal.


Moving mares and foals is also fun, watching them travelling. It is always good to see them happily delivered to their new home or returning home with their foal.


I carry out travelling trials for all inexperienced traveller's to see how things go. ALL of these horses then travel well. Even those who have had accidents in the past.


I am proud to see all the horses delivered safely and happy.


I look forward to seeing you all as they grow up to show or event which ever you have them for.

If you would like to mail me some photos we can add them to another page on Horses in Motion and watch them grow up.


Thank you to everyone for using my services.