Horse Transportation

Approvals held by Horses in Motion Ltd


DEFRA Type 1 Up to 8Hrs UK/GLOUC/T1/00018258


WATO (Welfare of Animals in Transport Order) BDSWATO00204.


Certificate of Competence for Drivers and attendants. Article 17/2 (EC) No 1/2005


Specially designed to cater for transporting and fully sealed for ease of cleaning and sterilizing. Clean area for tack and saddles with protection from the horses. Pumped water for the horse shower if required. Four windows and also a roof vent giving plenty of air flow. Complete with CCTV monitoring and a rear camera.


Horses in Motion - Horse Transportation
Horses in Motion - Horse Transport

We have had these vehicles built using the experience of the coach builder and working with horses / clients. Taking into consideration the requirements to work with horses at shows, keeping them clean, keeping out of the rain and sun, endurance and show jumper clients needing to shower their horses. Transporting from one home to another knowing the horse is safe and relaxed. All the needs of the horse large and small right down to miniatures, clients have given wish lists; we have tried to include these in the vehicles design.


Using the most modern engine we are able to travel into London in the Low Emmitions Zone (LEZ for short).